Vinyl Floors

Vinyl Floors.

All vinyl plank flooring is made in part from PVC, which is a type of durable plastic. Beyond that, there are several types of vinyl plank flooring. You have a lot of options, including peel and stick vinyl planks, rigid core, luxury vinyl planks, and even waterproof vinyl planks. These all share the benefits of vinyl, but they are composed of varying amounts of layers and features.

However, with the introduction of stone-plastic composite (SPC) vinyl plank flooring, all of that changed. SPC vinyl planks are ultra-thin and incredibly durable. This is because the core is made from a dense stone-plastic composite that resists denting and covers up imperfections in the subfloor.

The wear layer is a durable coating on the top layer of your floor that protects the flooring surface. It helps to withstand scuffs, dents, scrapes, and stains. If you’re using vinyl planks for a low-traffic area, you might not need the thickest wear layer. However, if your vinyl flooring will be in the midst of your rough and tumble life, then thicker is better.

Wear Layer Rating

- 6 mil: Residential Use
- 12 mil: Residential - Light Commercial
- 20 mil: Commercially rated. High traffic environments.


OnePlus Collection is a SPC rigid core flooring, or Stone Plastic Composite flooring, is the latest revolution in resilient flooring construction.

Designed with long term, incredibly waterproof performance.

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